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About Braun Büffel

  • For more than 125 years, Braun Büffel always had its headquarter and production site in Kirn - hailed as Germany's "town of leather".

  • Between the stream Hahnenbach and the river Nahe, Kirn profited from an abundance of water, essential for the tanning of leather, making it famous for being a leather town.

  • With globalization, most of the bigger leather factories no longer produce in Kirn today. Braun Büffel is one of the few amongst its counterparts, that still has production in Germany.

  • Fine craftsmanship steeped in a tradition of more than a century old.

  • 1887

    Johann Braun
    It was in the small town of Kirn, Germany, that Johann Braun, a master saddler and upholsterer first opened his workshop in 1887 at the age of 26. His early pieces included portfolios in innovative designs not commonly seen at the time. Moderate success ensued, and in 1902, Johann Braun added a shop to the factory to accommodate his customer's growing demands.
  • 1920s

    By the 1920s, the economy of post-war Europe was in recovery. Johann Braun saw it as an opportune time to expand his business further. He set up a larger production facility in Linke Hahnenbachstraße 10, and with the help of his son Alois Braun, and five employees, began production of small leather goods.
  • 1930s

    Alois Braun
    Alois Braun assumed control of the company. He furthered expansion and production with yet another facility in Halmerweg and employed an additional 15 employees. The company was slowly carving out its niche in the fine leather goods market.
  • 1940s to 1960s

    Hans-Werner Braunremake of the "Kassabeutel" (cash bag), 1975
    The factory incurred severe damage during the Second World War, and Johann Braun passed away in 1946 at age 85. Alois' son Hans-Werner, who worked with his father after being certified a master craftsman, died in tragic car accident in 1968. Despite significant losses, Alois remained steadfast through it all. He rebuilt, expanded the business and made popular the "Kassabeutel" (cash bag), used by many merchants to bring their daily earnings to the bank.
  • 1970s

    Karl-Heinz Braun"Braun Studio" Insignia used in 1973
    In 1973, Alois Braun handed the reins over to his youngest son Karl-Heinz Braun, and the company's products were imprinted with the brand's first insignias "JoBra", and later "Braun Studio", as a tribute to Johann Braun. In 1974, the label was subsequently changed to Braun Büffel. The buffalo was chosen to symbolize the brand's power, strength and its ties to leather. With its iconic buffalo motif, Braun Büffel went global with distributions across Europe and Asia.
  • 1980s

    Johann Braun KG transferred the entire production to the new building in Industriestraße, which is still the present Headquarters of the company, Braun Gmbh & Co KG, with production facilities and offices covering a total area of 2,000 sqm.
  • Braun Büffel Headquarter in Kirn, Germany

  • 1990s to 2000s

    Christiane Brunk
    Under the watchful eye of Christiane Brunk, Karl-Heinz Braun's daughter who joined the company in 1992 and eventually took over management of the company in 2005, the family business established its worldwide presence with its first international boutiques, updated with complete bags and accessories collections for men and women.
  • Braun Buffel Boutique

  • 2004 - 2009

    Braun Büffel launched its lifestyle-themed series of advertising campaign entitled "Dance". Since then, Braun Büffel has also been closely associated with dance, using dance to express the aesthetics of the brand image, to reflect the elegance and contemporary appeal of Braun Büffel, as well as the premium quality of the brand. Braun Büffel captures beautiful and graceful dance forms to convey the evolving image of the brand image and designs.
  • 2007

    Braun Büffel celebrated its 120 years anniversary with the launch of the limited edition 1887DLuxe Collection. Reflecting the brand's heritage, 1887Dluxe was inspired by the 1970s collection "Amara", and crafted in a combination of original sturdy gaucho and contemporary suede.
  • Limited Edition 1887DLuxe Collection

  • Awards

    Braun Büffel's designs garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the "Designer Award of the City of Offenbach" in 1999, "Deutsche Lederwarenpreis" (German award for leather goods) in 2000 / 2002 / 2004, ILM Award (Best in Basics) 2007, and the Italian leather goods union's design award "MIPEL...issima" in 2002.

Braun Büffel is committed to the legacy of fine craftsmanship and uncompromised quality fundamental to the philosophy of Johann Braun's family business in Germany.


The history of Braun Büffel dates back to 1887 when its founder, Johann Braun, began producing leather products such as carrier bags, purses and school satchels alongside his trade as a master saddler and upholsterer in the industrial leather town of Kirn, Germany. From this idyllic and inspirational location, Johann Braun laid the foundation for the proliferation of Braun Büffel distribution worldwide.

After more than 100 years building upon the founding principles of excellence in craftsmanship and design, Braun Büffel now possesses a global reputation for superior quality leather goods. The symbol of the Bull, Büffel, was chosen as a representation of the solidness and strength, durability and dependability of the brand name and quality.

Today, Braun Büffel has expanded from its original product lines to encompass a range of premium leather products for men and women. From briefcases, belts and travel bags to handbags, purses, wallets and key cases, Braun Büffel complements the professional wardrobe with a contemporary and sophisticated flair.


1887 At just 26 years old, master saddler and upholsterer Johann Braun opened a workshop in Kirn, Germany.
1899 Braun opened a second, larger workshop in linke Hahnenbachstrasse 15.
1902 A store was added to the existing workshop and Johann Braun became a merchant and dealer.
1927 Alois Braun, son of Johann Braun, added the production of small leather goods to the existing saddler's range. Johann Braun purchased a plot of land in linke Hahnenbachstrasse 10 and set up larger production facilities for his son, Alois and his first five employees.
1933 Alois Braun became owner of the firm. He purchased a factory building in Halmerweg and converted it for the production of fine leather goods. The number of employees rose to 20.
1946 The factory, which was severely damaged during World War II, underwent makeshift repairs before production was resumed.
1952 Hans-Werner Braun, Alois Braun's eldest son, joined the firm. After attending the Offenbach School of Arts and Crafts and completing a Master's degree in the production of fine leather goods, he took over the technical management of the firm.
1959 Hans-Werner Braun expanded and modernised the factory buildings and the business grew into a family partnership, the Johann Braun Company.
1968 Hans-Werner Braun died from a tragic traffic accident.
1969 Karl-Heinz Braun, Alois Braun's youngest son, joined the family enterprise as a business executive and assumed management of the company in 1973.
1979 The expansion of the business required enlargement of the factory in Halmerweg and construction of a new distribution department with offices in Industriestrasse.
1983 Johann Braun KG transferred the entire production to the new building in Industriestrasse, the present Headquarters of the company, Braun Gmbh & Co KG.
1992 Christiane Brunk, daughter of Karl-Heinz Braun joined the company.
2005 Christiane Brunk took over the management of the company.


pronounced as brown byufel

"Braun" is the colour brown in German and it is also a traditional German family name, while "Büffel" is buffalo in German.

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